Right-Brain & Meditation


My friend just sent me an amazing video; an extremely powerful presentation by Jill Bolte Taylor. Ms. Taylor was working as a neuro-anatomist at Harvard University when she experienced a stroke in her brain’s left hemisphere. She experienced first-hand what it was like to step back and forth between right-brain and left-brain functioning.

I would highly recommend watching this clip all the way through; Jill is a very moving speaker. I actually had tears in my eyes by the end of her presentation. I rarely recommend videos, but this one is well worth your time.

The “right-brained” experience that Jill describes is very similar to the way I experience the world through meditation, and “being in the Now” (Eckhart Tolle style).

Because of my meditation practice, over the years, my life is becoming more and more saturated with this blissful “mode” of experience. All I can assume is that the types of meditation I practice are engaging and strengthening my right-brain (moreso than they are doing for my left-brain).

At the end of her speech, Jill tearfully imagines a world filled with people who can step into that right-brained “nirvana” whenever they want. How peaceful and loving that world would be…

Well, that’s the world that I envision as well. That’s why I’m writing these articles. That’s why I teach people meditation.

Please, if you’ve gained any value from my site, go sit and watch your breathing for a few minutes. Consider it a donation :-)