Energy = Consciousness

This video has arisen from the very fabric of existence itself.

If you’ve ever wondered what those crazy hippies mean when they say vague, pseudoscientific stuff like “consciousness is energy man,” or “even inorganic matter is conscious in some way, man,” then you might enjoy watching this video. Alternatively, you can read the transcription by clicking “Read the rest of this entry.”

Imagine the Universe from a big picture perspective.

All these galaxies, swirling around.  All in approximately the same shape.  All spinning in the same type of way.  This… pattern.  They’re moving, and they all form in the same way.  They look like… it’s a sea of organisms, it’s a school of galaxies, all alive, spinning out into the Universe… into the emptiness of space.

The same way that crabs walk along the bottom of the ocean, and fish swim above them… and we humans walk along the surface of the Earth, under the great sea of air that is the Sky.  Just as crabs walk along the bottom of the ocean, we walk along the bottom of the sky.  And above us, the galaxies, spinning out into space.  Above the upper boundary of the sky.  Other creatures with a consciousness that we can’t understand… we can’t even begin to comprehend.  Completely UN-ANIMAL consciousness.

“Animal” is just a form of consciousness.  “Animal Consciousness.”  Humans and crabs and squirrels and chimpanzees… these things that have developed “brains” that, say, make decisions.  Go this way, or that way.  Eat this, avoid that.  Feel emotion.  Run.  Fight.  Relax.  This is the consciousness of an Animal.

But, that consciousness [in reality] is only comprised of the energy of the individual.  It’s the electrical energy in the brain, kinetic energy in the movement of the individual… and when you break it down, the matter of the individual is energy itself, at the core.

When you move your hand, there is a flow of energy.  Energy is flowing through the air, in the form of your hand.  And when the galaxies spin around their center[s], is that not another form of movement of energy?  How does the galaxy know how to spin?  How do they all know how to spin the same way?

Obviously, they operate by natural laws of gravity.  Just as we operate based on natural laws of biochemistry.