View from an Aeroplane

View from an Aeroplane

The Earth.

Look at this massive thing.

A glowing ball of blue and white.

A planet
Floating in space
Glowing with light,
Teeming with life.

“I” have grown
From the surface of this glowing ball.

Like the fish,
and the cloud.
And you.

But what makes me ME?
And what makes you YOU?

Are not we all “I?”

Then who, in fact, is “You?”


Open Your Eyes

Sit back, relax, and watch
The empty stage of your mind
As experiences arise, take over, and pass away,
Engulfing the theater,
In IMAX 3D and Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

But stay alert!
Use your breathing as an anchor,
Or you’ll be thrown from your seat,
Whisked by thought into a dream,
Losing sight of the stage,
Lost in your mind,
Believing the dream to be reality.

So hold on tight as you observe,
The waves of Mind as they roll through
Changing, swirling around you.
Hang on to your breath now, as you