The Secret of Joie De Vivre

Which is the free and joyous spirit?
The spirit that is not tied down by emotional attachments.

For a person who is not emotionally attached to anything,
It is impossible NOT to enjoy EVERYTHING.

Letting go of attachment to something
Doesn’t mean you won’t be attracted to it.
A free spirit is not ATTACHED
To health, life, love, success, or even happiness.
That doesn’t mean that those things become unattractive…
Only that they no longer cause the spirit
To need, chase, cling, and fear.
These things can be enjoyed with a smile,
Instead of grasped with a tight fist and a furrowed brow.
They can be bid farewell with loving gratitude,
Instead of torn from desperate hands with screams and sorrow.

Take this moment to be aware of yourself. Is there anything in your life that
– stresses you out,
– makes you grit your teeth or tense your shoulders,
– gives you anxiety, or
– throws off your CONCENTRATION in life?
– Something that keeps coming up in your mind, which distracts you from noticing and enjoying the little things in life (like the ultimate pleasure of the sweet, nourishing air that you are breathing right now)?

Take this moment to notice the thoughts that are doing this to you, and notice how they all stem from one attachment or another. At the core, all emotional attachments are rooted in the attachments to life, love, and happiness. Don’t try to resist your attachments… resistance is, itself, a symptom of attachment ;-) Just be aware of them so they can naturally dissolve on their own.

Maybe you notice that you’re stressed out, but you are not yet self-aware enough to be able to pick out which thoughts and which attachments are doing it to you. In this case, try meditation. Meditation is a process of sitting quietly (for a period of time) and watchfully observing reality, which includes the activity of your mind. This will give you a much clearer picture of what exactly it is that is causing your anxiety, and your distraction from the pure and beautiful joy of life.

This world is an awe-inspiring, 3-D, surround-sound, interactive dreamscape in which the spirit can fly, freely and joyously. Don’t tie it down with the chains and ropes of emotional attachment.

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